Are you too caught up in your work that you don’t have any more time for other things? Are you near your retirement and don’t know what to do?
Planning for your own retirement can benefit you in the long run. People tend to make their retirement plan short term, but what happens if you happen to reach 100 or more?
Ray Loewe is the self-proclaimed luckiest guy in the world. He is 76 years old and living the life he has designed specifically for himself. He’s doing work that he loves, making time to stay healthy, and also to travel and pursue his passion for photography. A financial planner for more than 40 years, Ray worked closely with his clients to help them successfully navigate the life phases of college and retirement.
In this episode, Ray gives insights on the value of planning for your retirement for the long run. He shares how planning can help you make the most out of your retirement.
What you will learn from this episode:
● Discover the benefits of having a retirement plan
● Learn how to make the most out of your retirement
● Know more on how to properly plan out your retirement with the help of Ray’s 90-day planning system
Life’s too short to live somebody else’s life. You need a plan.
Ray Loewe
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Topics Covered:
02:00 – Female executives are some of the most hardworking, engaged people but they’re too often focused on other people’s priorities and not so much on their own
02:58 – The retirement plan is too short term and putting off what you really want to do and what’s really important until it’s too late: common mistakes executive leaders do when planning their retirement
08:09 – One free and actionable tip you can do to make the most out of your life: Make a plan and don’t live out the rest of your life following someone else’s life
09:18 – One valuable resource to help you plan out your life:
Contact Ray for a FREE offer of his 90-day planning system:
11:25 – Q: How would my audience understand this challenge and your passion for it?
A: Start thinking of yourselves as one of the luckiest people in the world.
Key Takeaways:
“I think having a plan is the most important part of this thing. And I think that the plan has to take into account some options that you have and the plan has to be based on your life.” – Ray Loewe
“Life is fluid, and plans have to be fluid.” – Ray Loewe
“You know, what you do is, first of all, understand that you have to create your own life. You know, one of the things that happens to us is we’re bombarded with rules.” – Ray Loewe
“We all need rules. And once you have your personal rules, then you’re not restricted by other people and you’re free to be you. And that’s when your life can explode. That’s when you can think about living to be 100. You can think of all the things you want to do. That’s when you avoid the penguin trap. And life becomes really good.” – Ray Loewe
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