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In this program. Participants learn to self and career coach using the KTS Success Factor® Model. This enables them to make efficient use of mentors and to have quality development experiences even if there are few senior female executives.

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Dr. Brown is available to lead full-day and half-day workshops with your team on the following topics:

How to be Happier and More Successful at Work

Participants will explore their own specific interests, strengths, and motivational needs and how they can be better used at work . This workshop can be customized by having participants take the Birkman Method® assessment and get their own Book of You® ahead of time or can be done with workshop exercises to uncover what is unique about each individual.

How to Get the Coaching You Need for Career Success

Objectives: Participants will explore their own career goals and then craft action plans to get the support they need to be more effective in their current role while simultaneously pursuing the next step in their careers.

Improve Team Performance by Fully Utilizing Each Team Member’s Unique Personality

A completely personalized workshop where each participant gets his or her own Book of You®. Through interactive exercises your team will work on strategies to improve team performance and more fully utilize the talents of existing team members.

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The peer-to-peer coaching program that has been implemented at Avanos using Sarah Brown’s teachings has empowered our mid-career professional women to clarify their goals and pursue them with confidence and commitment. As a result, when they make requests of more senior mentors, the process is efficient and effective immediately. As Avanos moves forward in offering this impactful program, women of Avanos are anxious to participate in upcoming cohorts.

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Sarah E. Brown is a highly sought-after professional speaker and trainer. As a former Managing Director with Accenture, she has an in-depth knowledge of the key issues impacting career success and individual and team performance.

Sarah's lifelong goal has been to educate and inspire others to be happy, successful, and understood in both their personal and professional lives. A master presenter who combines humor and insight with practical advice, she has influenced thousands with her high energy content.

Sample Topics Include: 

How Understanding Individuality Can Improve Team Performance
How Everyone Can Have or Be a Coach
What Personalization Can Do to Improve Retention
How to Love Your Job So Much You Never Have to Work Another Day of Your Life
How Your Leadership Style Could be Killing Your Team (and what to do about it)
Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide
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