Do you feel confused about why women still earn less than men?
Do you wonder why successful women still bump into the glass ceiling?
Are you ready for more parity and satisfaction in personal relationships?
The most confounding problem facing women today isn’t that doors of opportunity aren’t open, but that not enough women are walking through them.
From the boardroom, public office to personal relationships,nobody is keeping women from parity-except themselves.
Gloria Feldt is the co-founder and president of Take The Lead, a non-profit dedicated to achieving gender equality by 2025, a nationally renowned leadership expert, she is the best-selling author of four books, the latest being Excuses: Nine Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.
In this episode, Gloria shares how women are still ambivalent about the idea of power. With women bearing the brunt of the negative aspects of power, it dampens its generative power to be creative, innovative and make a better life for her family and society. Reframing power in women’s minds is a serious undertaking.
What you will learn from this episode:
  • Learn about the challenges women face in an organization and society even amidst laws being structured with women in mind
  • Find out how to shift women leaders’ attitudes about power, manifest the change you desire, and live life without limits
  • Discover actionable tips on how women leaders can reframe power
It’s just fair for every human being to have the opportunity to use their highest and best gifts. You can’t use your highest and best gifts if you don’t have the opportunity to have different kinds of positions in organizations or society.
Gloria Feldt
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Topics Covered:
01:09 – Women have an ambivalent relationship with power. Gloria is on the mission to reframing power in women’s mind
03:49 – Before seeking help, women have these self-limiting beliefs which are culturally instilled. And for companies, they are thinking that they already know it all and that they are already doing it all.
06:30 – One free actionable tip to take action now:
  • For individuals – list three points of power that you know you bring to the workplace, think about how you can best leverage them to bring recognizable and actionable value to the organization
  • For companies – to intentionally structure meetings so that all voices are heard, whether that’s using a round table instead of a long, skinny one, whether it is having each person in the room get to speak once before somebody else gets to speak twice.
08:25 – One free resource to help you understand the challenge better: Go to and read “Language of Leadership: Use The Power You Have!
10:02 – Why does it matter that we have parity or equality between the two genders in terms of their work, their positions, their leadership roles?
Key Takeaways:
“If we redefine power from the negative connotation of power over us and things to an innovative, creative, generative idea of power as being the power to innovate, create, make life better for ourselves, our families, the world.” – Gloria Feldt
“We have imposter syndrome. We have an implicit bias that has made women more risk-averse and reluctant to raise their hands or self-advocate, but we can change that. Those are learnable behaviors, teachable skills.” – Gloria Feldt
“The thing that holds women back the most is feeling like they haven’t been heard or they’ve given an idea and nobody paid attention and then a man said this same thing and everybody claps.” – Gloria Feldt
“If companies allow voices to be heard and structure meetings intentionally so that people will feel their voices are heard, the results will be more and better ideas, more innovations, and more profits.” – Gloria Feldt
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