Do you dream of becoming audacious? Do you envy those who can speak their minds without fear of repercussions? Do you long to be able to stand your ground in any challenging situation?
It’s time to step back, determine what your key strengths are and develop them in order to reach your full potential in terms of leadership.
Nancy Jonker, Ph.D. has over 31 years of experience in the leadership transformation space and has mentored over 220 leaders on four different continents. She is the founder of Audacious Leaders M.O. — a program that catapults leaders to new heights through leveraging mindset and the four key strengths of their team.
In this episode, Nancy shares how she helps audacious leaders become confident and effective in business, life, and relationships by rapidly removing roadblocks and leveraging key strengths.
What you will learn from this episode:
  • Learn the ‘10 Hidden Growth Opportunities for Top Leaders’ and discover the areas that might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader
  • Discover how an audacious leader can actually use her body to shift her thinking, change attitudes, and foster greater poise and self-assurance through power poses
  • Learn why you need to be audacious to move forward in your life, to not live according to doubts and insecurities, but to really press forward with courage, strength, and vulnerability
When we’re clear, when we have great boundaries, when we’re confident about who we are, then we can show up with just really high levels of graciousness.” 
– Nancy Jonker
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What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?
Check-out Nancy Jonker’s ‘10 Hidden Growth Opportunities for Top Leaders’:
3 Tips to Supercharge You Confidence and Boost You Resilience:
Nancy’s Book Get Your Power On!
A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Confident and Effective in Business, Life, and Relationships
Topics Covered:
01:50 – The challenges for female business leaders: being overworked, overwhelmed, and not getting the best and highest performance from teams
02:17 – Underlying issues about how to engage the next generation leaders of millennials
03:43 – Different mistakes business leaders make before starting to work with Nancy: resorting to trying harder and work more, don’t understand how we are co-creating the reality that we’re experiencing and not having trusted advisors
04:56 – Free Resource to address the leadership challenges: Nancy Jonker’s ‘10 Hidden Growth Opportunities for Top Leaders’: visit
06:41 – 3 Important Arts according to Nancy to Get Your Power On! and be audacious: the art of knowing who we are, the art of staying connected to who we are, the art of honoring who we are
08:11 – A free actionable step for people to take according to Nancy: Use power poses. Any expansive pose that you take for two minutes.
10:39 – What being an ‘audacious leader’ means?
Key Takeaways:
“Getting everyone to work together and have this shared vision and then ways of working that complement one another, those are some of the bigger challenges.” – Nancy Jonker
“We see the circumstances around us or the people who aren’t delivering, the conflicts that are going on. And we don’t see how our own mindset, our own actions, our own expectations, actually are fostering those.” – Nancy Jonker
“I hear people say that we need permission to be able to go after our goals, to be able to leave our comfort zone, to try new things, to risk when our tendency is not to take risks. And so, this whole concept of being audacious and being bold defies people’s expectations.” – Nancy Jonker
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