Do you want to learn how to add the ‘finishing touches’ and avoid the common mistakes that keep leaders from communicating credibly, confidently, and persuasively?
Communication skills, habits, and traits make a critical difference in the success of an organization’s leaders.
Dianna Booher is one of the World’s Most Sought-After Communication Experts with more than three decades of experience. Dianna Booher has the expertise to help solve your communication challenges, increase the impact of your messages, and improve your productivity.
In this episode, Dianna shares how she helps organizations and individuals communicate clearly and productively. She shares how one can create solid executive presence and authority through publishing a book.
What you will learn from this episode:
● Learn how to participate in productive meetings and contribute value without dominating or remaining passive
● Discover the dangers of not differentiating yourself in the industry by becoming one of many
● Know how to increase your leadership influence with a stronger executive presence
When you have a third party, independent, objective, major publisher saying, ‘This is the expert on this subject.’, that carries a lot of weight that increases your authority and your credibility.
Dianna Booher
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Topics Covered:
02:12 – Challenge is not having a strong personal presence, particularly when presenting proposals and key ideas to their top executives, either their own and their own organization, or to clients.
03:02 – Lack of influence in getting a decision made, ideas ignored in meetings and getting passed over: the common symptoms business leaders face when they are lacking with personal presence
06:58 – One free and actionable tip you can do to address the challenge in executive presence and communication: Learn to think on your feet
09:00 – One valuable resource to increase leadership influence with a stronger executive presence: Dianna’s Top 10 Best Tips to Write a Book Fast! Visit:
10:42 – Q: How do executive ranks market themselves? A: Publishing a book with a major publisher like Random House and McGraw Hill etc.
Key Takeaways:
“A lot of people think that personal presence just comes naturally. If they’re outgoing, if they are not fearful of being around people, they think that is necessarily presence.”– Dianna Booher
Being a life of the party is not the same as being persuasive and having credibility, and having authority with the group. not the same as being persuasive and having credibility.” – Dianna Booher
“Presentation skills are what drive the point home. At some point. You have to communicate about it, write about it, email about it, stand up and speak in a meeting about it. And that just doesn’t happen naturally. Those are all unique skills that somebody needs to convey. That’s executive presence.” – Dianna Booher
“A symptom of that lack of personal presence is not differentiating yourself in the industry. You’re just one of many. And you’ve got to do something outstanding, personally and with your output, in other words, your deliverable, your product.” – Dianna Booher
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