There is only one way to elevate your position, amplify your message, and maximize your revenue, it is by sending out clear, effective, and memorable communication.
Eleanor Beaton is a women’s leadership mentor and founder of Fierce Feminine Leadership, an organization that helps ambitious women develop the confidence, presence, political savvy and influence they need to smash the glass ceiling and take their seats at the tables where the big deals and big decisions are made.
In this episode, Eleanor shares that communication is about making clear and intentional decisions that would bring out a noteworthy businesswoman leader, capable of making real change in the world, and elevating women leaders to positions of real power.
What you will learn from this episode:
  • Find out about how to make a lasting impact in communication where your ideas and presence are felt, heard, and remembered even when you are not in the room.
  • Learn point by point the process to deliver communication that would power you through an incredible growth
  • Learn how to nail your message clearly so that expectations are met and problems are solved
The single biggest challenge that I support women leaders in facing and overcoming is the ability to communicate their ideas clearly, effectively and memorably.
Eleanor Beaton
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Topics Covered:
02:11 – There is a challenge in the ability to communicate ideas clearly, effectively, and memorably among Eleanor’s clients. This is where she helps them overcome it.
03:02 – When there is confusion and there is a lack of focus, unclear communication is sent. This is one big mistake clients make before getting help.
05:09 – One free and actionable tip you can do to address the challenge in communication: “Take the time to be very clear about the point you’re trying to make.”
08:06 – The Critical Communication Planning Toolkit. This is one valuable resource you can use to help you understand the communication challenge
09:03 – What is the impact of communicating clearly, effectively, and memorably?
Key Takeaways:
“If the biggest problem with unclear communication is that it is confusing or it lacks focus, then the biggest mistake that people make to contribute to that is that they don’t understand that communicating clearly is about making very clear and intentional decisions.” – Eleanor Beaton
“What’s the impact of communicating clearly, effectively, and memorably? You are deeply understood, from that place of being deeply understood, you are deeply respected and valued. And from that place, you are able to become a noteworthy business leader.” – Eleanor Beaton
“Becoming a noteworthy business leader is so important for women because it’s about elevating women leaders into positions of real power, where we can continue to create the change that our business world needs and wants to really elevate other women around us.” – Eleanor Beaton
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