Picture of Sarah Brown holding Book of You
The holidays are upon us. Have all your shopping done?
Or is there some special person on your list that has you stymied?
Here are 3 personalized ideas you still have time to implement:
  1. The gift of time. Almost everyone would like more of that. And probably that special someone would like more time with you. So think about gifting them some of your time in 2020. You can make a commitment to help them out—maybe with dog walking or child-care for a few hours. Or maybe you can gift them time to do something together. You can tell your grandmother you will take her to lunch in January. You could give your mother a gift of your time to take her for a manicure and pedicure. (Even you guys can do this.) You can even gift time just to watch Netflix together. Once you figure out exactly what it is, you can craft a customized gift certificate and put it under the tree.
  2. The gift of memories. Give your mother or grandmother, or anyone really, the gift of a personalized memoir of his or her life memories. This is a way to capture what is most meaningful they want to share with family and friends. It is their legacy. My friend and colleague Dana Dobson helps individuals create these special remembrances. Professionally created, edited, and produced, these books will live on for many, many years. Your gift this year would include a beautiful gift certificate for this book to be compiled early in 2020. Act now and you will get a special price from Dana, and she will help you create the gift certificate you need to put under the tree. Contact Dana at dana@danadobson.com
  3. The gift of a personalized future. The Book of You® is personalized to each reader. It highlights his or her unique interests, strengths, and needs and then provides suggestions as to what can be done with that information to be happy, successful, and understood at work or in a close personal relationship. Choose from 3 books at www.bookofyou.com/books.
If you want something to put under the tree for this, you can contact me at sarah@bookfoyou.com. I have 5 gift boxes left that I can sell you. They will then hold the book itself once generated. But let me know soon as I only have 5 left.
I hope each and everyone of you have a happy holiday season.

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