Have you been prioritizing your work over your health? When was the last time you ever had a “me” time? Did you know that you can still care for yourself even if your schedule is full?
Work is as important as self-care, but most of the time, we look down and undermine the changes and benefits of having time to care for one’s self. Cancel out that “grind” culture, and have some time for yourself as well!
Anese Cavanaugh is devoted to helping people show up and bring their best selves to the table in order to create a significant, positive impact in their lives. She is the creator of the IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence), and advisor and thinking partner to leaders and organizations around the world, a keynote speaker, and author of several books, including Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set The Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives, Contagious You: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want, and The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation.
In this episode, Anese shares how allotting as little as 10 minutes every day to create a space for yourself and just breathe in and acknowledge your goals and feelings can make a change in yourself and in your way of working. She also talks about the 4 mindset shifts that can help your journey to self-care easier and life-changing.
What you will learn from this episode:
  • Discover the power of 10 minutes and 4 mindset shifts and how it can change your life
  • Learn how to make space for yourself even if it’s just for 10 minutes in your busy schedule
  • Find out how changing your mindset on self-care can change your work results and improve your health
Selfcare is not selfish, selfcare is actually self-full.
Anese Cavanaugh
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Topics Covered:
02:15 – The challenge is women take their energy and time into owning up their own power but does not make space to care for themselves, doing the two will create beautiful changes
02:38 – No space for self-care, even for just 10 minutes; an overall mistake that could help them make clear their intentions and goals for the day
03:07 – Overall feeling of exhaustion and sense of contraction in the body is one of the symptoms women experience when not giving themselves time for self-care
04:25 – One free and actionable tip to get started on your self-care journey and empowering one’s self: A lot a 10-minute pause for yourself during the day or preferably, in the morning
06:09 – One valuable resource to understand the importance of self-care in your daily busy schedule: Take Anese’s IEP Sheet. Visit: https://blog.anesecavanaugh.com/subscribe
07:41 – Q: What are some quick mindset shifts or reframes to use in order to start changing the way that we lead and the way that we create space for ourselves immediately? A: So one is the mindset that self-care is not selfish, self-care is actually self-full.
Key Takeaways:
“Self-doubt, feeling rushed, experiencing imposter syndrome, these are all things that tie into not fully standing and holding our space and taking really good care of ourselves that we can do so.” – Anese Cavanaugh
“Just stop and take even 10 minutes for themselves, to get clear on how they’re feeling, to notice their breath, how their bodies feeling, to notice their emotions right now and to ask themselves simply what they need. Just a 10-minute pause at any moment during the day.” – Anese Cavanaugh
“Start your day with “you” time, only for you. Nobody gets into that. Your emails don’t get into that. Your texting doesn’t get into that. Nobody gets into that space for those first sacred minutes of the day, and you spend that time to really get clear about the things I just offered and to set your intentions around it.” – Anese Cavanaugh
“Turn self-care from something that you don’t have time for, you can’t prioritize it, you’ll do it later, turn it into your number one priority because it enables you to do more for everybody loving to lead.” – Anese Cavanaugh
“The other one is turning the word “responsibility” or the feeling of being responsible for everything, to turning it into response-able, which means instead of me being responsible for everything around me or everyone around me, instead of that, I am able to respond to whatever comes up.” – Anese Cavanaugh
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