If you wait to be fearless, it’s never going to happen. Truth is, fear will always be there all your life. What you can do is take action. Then you can move beyond fears of failure, disappointment, and the unknown.
Corporate employees, professional associations, university groups, and leadership summits are inspired and motivated by Shirell A. Gross, Esq. . Her relatable, relevant, and empowering messages are tailored to fit the right audiences at the right time, making her a well-regarded and highly sought-after speaker.
In this episode, Shirell shares one big thing that is holding women back from reaching their highest potential. That is fear. It is never a good idea to wait until your fears are gone before you start to make things happen for yourself. It is imperative to act on things in the face of fear.
What you will learn from this episode:
  • Learn how to face your fear and take risk that will move you beyond self-doubt
  • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs that bring wrong assumptions about your capacity
  • Find out how self-awareness brings you to become fully aware of your capabilities and powers you on to become a successful individual
“Stop waiting to be fearless or feeling no fear before you do something. You have to do it in the face of fear.”
Shirell Gross
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Topics Covered:
03:13 – Letting fear and self-doubt get in our way is one challenge to overcome. Trying hard though to separate our work and personal life but this self-doubt manifests in our professional life
06:52 – Getting stuck in our own self-belief and making firm decisions and actions about it is one big mistake people commit before seeking help. This is like getting ourselves trapped in our own world of make-believe
09:23 – One free actionable tip to address the challenge: “To create action no matter how small and stop constantly looking for the silver bullet to answer all of your problems.”
10:51 – Valuable free resource she shares to help in understanding the challenge they’re going through – Motivational Mondays and Tuesdays on her LinkedIn posts, Facebook business page and Instagram
12:32 – What is holding women back that they actually can have control over?
Key Takeaways:
Create action no matter how small and stop constantly looking for the silver bullet to answer all of your problems.” – Shirell Gross
“Don’t over-exaggerate things that are not true.” – Shirell Gross
“When you have that self-awareness, it really has a true benefit in your personal and in your professional life.” – Shirell Gross
“I think that the biggest mistake the clients make before they start is that they’ve already made conclusions that are firm about situations.” – Shirell Gross
“There’s such a big world out there that you’re not really as trapped as you think you are.” – Shirell Gross
“When you bring awareness to your fear, you can address it. Anything you don’t bring awareness to, it just keeps gnawing at you.” – Shirell Gross
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