We celebrate Christmas in my house. But even if you do not celebrate Christmas, I bet your traditions have something similar to the following:
  • It is a time of gift giving as a sign of the gratitude we have for those in our life. I have assembled quite a little pile, including some items for my dog Maharani. I am very grateful she is in my life.
  • It is a time of giving thanks. In my house, we hold hands and go around the room and say one thing about the past year that we are especially thankful for.
  • And it is a time for celebration of just the opportunity to participate in this life. We celebrate by gathering as many family members as possible to enjoy a meal together.
I hope that you too can enjoy a time this week to give a gift to someone you care about, to give thanks for all you have, and to just celebrate being on the planet right now.
I am very grateful that our paths have crossed. I will be adding each of you to my list of things I acknowledge gratitude for Christmas Day.
And my Christmas wish for you is this: That you continuously unlock that divine spark that is unique to you, that dwells deep inside you, and that will bring you the happiness, success, and sense of understanding we all crave.
Merry Christmas from me and Maharani

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