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Do you have clarity, confidence and commitment to your goals?

It takes all three to get what you want. You need to be very clear about what you want, you need to have confidence you can have it and achieve it, and you need to be committed to making it happen. What I find is that often 1 or more of those elements are missing.

It starts with being really clear about what we want. In the last 5 years of my corporate career, I noticed an incredible number of mid-career professional women who were in the wrong job and miserable. They could tell me they were miserable, but when I asked them what they wanted, I got blank stares. Can you imagine how depressing that must be!

So when I first started my business that is what I focused on—helping women get clarity on what they wanted. And yes, I heard lots of arguments about why you can’t think about it or go after it. “I have to focus on the kids; I have to take care of my parents; my husband’s career comes first. I should be happy with what I have. It is selfish to want more.”

Do you ever say those things to yourself?

More About This Course

In this online course, you will learn to use the KTS Success Factor® Model to uncover your unique gifts and to self-coach to increased clarity, confidence, and commitment to achieving big business and career goals.

You will learn

  • Your unique interests, strengths, and motivational needs
  • How to translate those into career goals that work for you
  • How to take SMART action toward achieving those goals
  • Tools for self-coaching that will keep you on track 


  • Video content and exercises 
  • Worksheets and tools
  • All delivered to you over a 5-week period to maximize this becoming a habit and a way
  • of working 
  • Taking on average less than 15 minutes per day

What to expect after enrollment

  1. You will purchase the course on this website by clicking the order button.
  2. The course will start the day you register. You will receive multiple emails from
  3. sarah@sarahebrown.com with your login credentials. So be sure to check your
  4. spam folder if you do not get it.
  5. You will be able to consume the content at your own pace, but I really suggest
  6. you take your time and do one module per week.

Why My Best Clients Work with Me

Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the content of this course and do not feel it delivered on these learning objectives, I will refund the full cost of the program.  Just send me an email (sarah@sarahebrown.com) within 14-days of the program start (the day you complete your purchase) and after you have viewed at least 2 modules. Explain in the email the reason you believe this course failed to deliver on its promise. Include your surface mail and email address.  I will verify that you have completed viewing the content you tell me you have completed. And then I will send you a check for the amount of your purchase.    

This approach focuses on you.  This course will show you how to identify your specific and unique interests, strengths, and motivational needs as a way to inform you about what will make you happy and successful at work as well as minimize your stress in the process.  With this self-awareness, you can make small changes in your current job to increase overall satisfaction as well as ensure that your long-range goals are consistent with who you are.   

Doing this work up front has proven to be a really good way to jumpstart that individual who says, “But, I don’t know what I want.”  This approach is also a really good way to test of what one thinks (s)he does want. Is what you want consistent with your interests and strengths?  Are you going to be able to meet your needs in the process?   

There are many ways to help an individual understand what her interests, strengths, and needs are.  I focus in this course on exercises you can do yourself. But you also have the option of getting a Book of You®, which I created and is built upon the Birkman Method® assessment.  The Birkman Method® has been used for over 50 years by over 3 million individuals and is rich in data and personal insights.  I use the data to generate a completely personalized book for each individual, with information unique to the reader and a process the reader can use to understand and put the information to good use.  It is like a coach-in-a-book.    

The important thing is to make sure that we consider what makes each individual unique and what will contribute to being happy and successful while minimizing stress.  

This is designed to give you lots of time to practice and then check-in so that this becomes a habit.  Ever since Maxwell Maltz codified this in the mid 20th century, it has been standard lore that it takes somewhere from 21 to 30 days to form a real habit.  Now, NASA scientists have determined that it probably takes closer to 30-40 days for the brain to adjust and form new neural connections for anything close to a

As with anything new, it takes some time and reinforcement.  But it does not take that much time each day to do so.

Affordability.  This program is affordable at only $199 per woman.

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