I am so happy and grateful because...
This is how I suggest everyone start their affirmations to reinforce the attainment of their goals. We envision our goals as already completed and realized and see ourselves living in that reality.
You might think that I put all the focus on the future and realizing what we want but do not yet have “in fact.”
But having gratitude for what we currently have “in fact” is just as important. And, “in fact,” being grateful for what we already have has absolutely nothing to do with getting what we want.
And, paradoxically, it is essential that we are grateful and become even more grateful for what we have “in fact” if we are to attain what we want in addition.
There are lots and lots of reasons for this, but one of the reasons is this: In taking the baby steps we need to take every day, we need to do all that we can with what we have. And the best way to become aware of all that we have is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and practice gratitude every day. In other words, it needs to become a habit.
My daily gratitude practice starts each morning when I walk my dog. During that time I focus on all that I have in my life. It usually starts with gratitude for my dog, Maharani, who has brought me so much joy. And then I feel the gratitude for the great park that is just ½ block from my house that I have the privilege of walking in each and every day. And then it extends from there to the clothes that keep me warm or cool, depending on the season; the coffee I had or will have that morning; the wholesome food I get to eat each day; the home that I love; etc. And then my brain goes wild and I bring to mind all my great relationships, all the other resources I have in my life and finally what is inside me that I can share with the world.
At that point, I can start planning my day. I express gratitude for everyone that I will interact with that day, known and unknown.
It appears to me that Maharani does something similar. She loves these morning walks. She loves sniffing the ground and the trees. I can feel her expressing gratitude for all the dogs (well, most of them) that have come before her. I see her paying it forward. And she is particularly grateful for the regulars that we meet walking at the same time, particularly Viktor who usually has a treat for her.
So this week of Thanksgiving is a great time to cultivate or start a daily habit of gratitude. It does not take any time. Getting in that frame of mind first thing in the morning is such a marvelous way to start the day.
Maharani and I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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