Coaching & Training Services

Dr. Sarah Brown offers programs that teach women how to effectively self coach by utilizing the KTS Success Factor® Model. This equips them with the skills to effectively utilize mentors and create valuable developmental opportunities, even if there are few senior female executives.

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Team Training

Your team can benefit from Dr. Brown's expertise by booking full-day or half-day workshops on the topics listed below:

Tips for Increasing Happiness and Success in the Workplace

Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into their personal areas of interest, skills, and sources of motivation, and learn how to effectively utilize them in the workplace. This session can be tailored for participants who have completed the Birkman Method® evaluation and received their personalized Book of You® in advance, or it can be conducted through workshop activities to discover the distinct qualities of each person.

Obtaining the Necessary Coaching for a Successful Career

The aim of this activity is for individuals to examine their personal career objectives and develop strategies for obtaining the necessary assistance to enhance their performance in their current position, while also working towards their future career advancement.

Maximizing Individual Team Member's Unique Personalities to Enhance Team Performance

In this workshop, every individual will receive their own "Book of You®" which is tailored to their specific needs. Through engaging activities, the team will collaborate on developing tactics to enhance team productivity and effectively utilize the skills of current team members.

Corporate Training

Self and Peer Coaching for Women

Dr. Sarah Brown offers programs that teach women how to effectively self and peer-coach utilizing the KTS Success Factor Model. The program equips them with skills and tools to clarify their career goals and create the developmental opportunities they need by making more effective use of mentors. This is a great offering when there are few senior female executives in an organization who can serve as mentors or role models.

Team Training

Tips for increasing happiness and success in the workplace obtaining the necessary coaching for a successful career maximizing team performance. 

Personal Coaching

Dr. Sarah Brown offers personalized one-on-one coaching for individuals. If you feel this may be the right opportunity for you, please take the time to book an appointment with her today.

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