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"I am Dr. Sarah E. Brown. When I was managing director with Accenture, I observed a large number of mid-career professional women who were in the wrong jobs and miserable. They told me they were miserable. But when I asked them what they wanted instead, most could not answer the question. This really bothered me, and I thought about it a lot. Because if you don’t know what you want, you are unlikely to get it.

As I thought about this more, I had to ask myself whether I was in the right job. I was, by all external standards, successful. But was I really happy?

And then I observed something else, some of the women who were miserable were getting out of their rut by hiring coaches. What were these coaches doing? I realized they were supporting their clients in getting very clear about what made them unique, helping them to formulate goals that were unique to them and then supporting them in taking action to achieve those goals.

I could afford to hire an executive coach for myself. And I did. But the hard work of figuring out who I was, was still my job to do. I had knowledge of a really good personality assessment, called the Birkman Method®. Using it, I uncovered my unique set of interests, strengths, motivational needs, and particular stressors. With this knowledge, my coach supported me in crafting the goal to establish a business supporting women to become economically and socially empowered through knowledge of what made them unique. I then took the bold step to leave my great corporate job and start my business. This pursuit is consistent with my interests and strengths in research and teaching.

Not every woman can afford an executive coach, however. So my goal is to provide you with the knowledge of YOU and the tools you need to come up with what will make you happy, successful, and experience less stress at work. I call this self-coaching."


Sarah E. Brown, Ph. D. has over 30 years corporate experience. She worked for Southern Bell Telephone Company, DuPont, and most recently as managing director at Accenture, one of the largest consulting and outsourcing firms in the world. In all these roles, she worked at the
intersection between technology and people, specializing in helping people transform work through the use of technology.

She has a Ph. D. in PyschoEducational Processes, a combination of group psychology and Adult Learning.

She lives in Wilmington, DE with her red standard poodle Maharani. When not teaching, she can be found romping through the woods with Maharani or rowing on the Christina River.


Dr. Brown now speaks on topics related to self-awareness, personal responsibility, and success habits that enable employees to be happy, successful, and experience less stress, while increasing ability to contribute to corporate goals.

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Dr. Brown also conducts both public and corporate workshops in which individuals uncover their natural abilities and adopt success practices that increase happiness and success and focus on needed business outcomes.


Along with her speaking and training activities, Dr. Brown has written several books. Her most recent, The Book of You® is a personalized self-help book providing advice to individuals making life changing decisions. This book has become the foundation of the KTS Success Factor® program that is now available through an online course and a popular 6-week workshop.

She has also written the widely acclaimed Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide, which has helped many people find true happiness in their careers and the The Road to Success, co-written with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul® fame.

A proven system that works (here's the proof!)

Corporate Director

“The peer-to-peer coaching process I learned using Sarah Brown’s teachings helped me clarify my goals and maintain confidence and commitment to achieving them. This is a great approach for our corporation.”

Picture of Heather Findeisen

Heather Findeisen

Senior Leader

“I have held leadership roles in the public sector,
in the private sector, and with nonprofits. Using
Sarah’s KTS Success Factor® Model, I have higher confidence now in my capability to become an
even more powerful leader.”

Picture of Jess Gibson Brokenbaugh

Jess Gibson Brokenbaugh


“Getting clear about my unique capabilities has been instrumental in increasing my confidence in leading my new business.”

Picture of Latisha Bracy

Latisha Bracy


“With Sarah’s method, I was able to finally get
clear about what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’
based on my unique capabilities. Thanks to Sarah, I am confident about my career future.”

Dana Dobson

About the Birkman Method

The Know Thyself Process® is powered by the Birkman Method®, a powerful assessment that can pinpoint with surprising accuracy your unique set of Interests, Strengths, and Needs.

Just like Intel Inside® is used for personal computers, the Birkman Method is the technology behind the process!

Strengths of the Birkman Method:

Used for over 50 years
Used by more than 2.5 million people
Can distinguish usual behavior from needs
Can describe situations where strengths can be fully utilized
Accurately predicts stress behavior if needs are not met

Dr. Brown’s Story

"I was first introduced to the Birkman Method in 1994 when I was working for DuPont. I had a new team and we had to start working well together very fast. I was astounded at how accurately the Birkman Method described the team and me. As a result, I learned what I needed to be happy and successful, and I had a chance to see what the others on my team needed as well. It also enabled us to pinpoint needs, especially those that others did not fully understand about the other team members. In other words, we found out what caused each of us stress. And ironically, it was totally different for each of us! Personally, I used it as a part of my pre-marital counseling."

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"I would love to answer any questions you have"

Sarah E. BROWN

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