7 Reasons Why My Best Clients Work with Me

Hi there and welcome.

Because you’re here, it’s likely that you’ve booked a chat with me. So I invite you to check out the reasons my best clients have chosen to work with me. These also tend to be questions leaders like you have.

But, please, don’t make any decision on one of my offerings until we chat. Let’s confirm together that this is a good fit for you or the women in your organization.

Minimal risk to get started. If you are interested in one of my public offerings, I have a way you can test drive this material with a money back guarantee within 14 day. If you are interested in implementing this within your company, I am more than willing to work on small-scale pilots as a way to validate this approach in your organization. Just assign 6-8 individuals to work with me for 90-days. At the end of 90-days, you can decide if this is going to provide measurable additional empowerment to your female professionals. We can also use this pilot to determine if additional customization is needed for your organization.

This approach is completely customized not only to your organization, but also to each individual woman participant. We look specifically at each individual’s unique interests, strengths, and motivational needs as a way to inform her about what will make her happy and successful at work as well as minimize her stress in the process. With this self-awareness, she can make small changes in her current job to increase overall satisfaction as well as ensure that her long-range goals are consistent with who she is.

Doing this work up front has proven to be a really good way to jumpstart that woman who says, “But, I don’t know what I want.” This approach is also a really good test of what another says she does want. Is what she wants consistent with her interests and strengths? Is she going to be able to meet her needs in the process?

There are many ways to help an individual understand what her interests, strengths, and needs are. I typically use the which I created and is built upon the Birkman Method® assessment. The Birkman Method® has been used for over 50 years with over 3 million individuals and is rich in data and personal insights. I use the data to generate a completely personalized book for each individual, with information unique to the reader and a process the reader can use to understand and put the information to good use. is like a coach-in-a-book.

If your organization is making use of another assessment, we can use that instead. Or we can use standalone exercises from my book You can get a copy on Amazon. That book contains lots of information and exercises that help individuals get clear about their interests, strengths, and needs even without taking an assessment. It also includes case studies of how many people have gone about doing just that.

The important thing is to make sure that we consider what makes each woman unique and what will contribute to her being happy and successful while minimizing her stress.

You can get a higher return on investment because this solution is quite scalable. I have a lot of experience scaling talent management solutions for big brands. That is much of what I did when working at Accenture. For example, one solution I built was for the 50,000 first- and second-line leaders in a large multi-national organization. It was a consistent, comprehensive, blended curriculum (on-line and face-to-face) that ran in 100 countries, and 23 different languages. It ran for over 10 years (and may still be running for all I know), so it was certainly a viable, cost-effective, and results-effective program.

I am personally accessible to you and your organization. You get me and my mobile phone number. If we find something that could be enhanced, we can adjust. That is the beauty of really practical, but scalable solutions. You can keep the essence and enhance around the edges to maintain currency and address changing organization needs. And because I am a constant, you have someone you know to work with.

I establish office hours that also encourages program participants to check in with me on questions that may occur along the way or to discuss any specific challenges that she encounters when trying to do this work. Take, for example, Olivia (name changed) who was not seeing results in her multi-level marketing sales after working with these concepts for 2 months. She and her peer coach met with me on an office hours call. We discovered that she was not doing one key part of her action items. The team made the adjustment. One month later, she experienced her best sales month to-date.

We have lots of time to reinforce these habits and generate results. Ever since Maxwell Maltz codified this in the mid 20th century, it has been standard lore that it takes somewhere from 21 to 30 days to form a real habit. Now, NASA scientists have determined that it probably takes closer to 30-40 days for the brain to adjust and form new neural connections for anything close to a habit.

As with anything new, it takes some time and reinforcement. My public workshop participants get 6 weeks of dedicated time to implement followed by a follow up virtual office hours visit. And my corporate clients get a year of follow-up calls. There is ample time for a woman to get these practices to become habits and see results. And it does not take that much time on her part—1 hour a month for a call, and a few minutes with her peer coach.

If you are a leader yourself, you can drastically reduce the time you are having to devote to coaching and mentoring. This is a way to leverage your valuable time. Most of my clients are running out of bandwidth to focus on any aspect of their jobs, much less helping others along the way. You do not need more bandwidth to make an impact. In fact, we can reduce the amount of time you spend mentoring and coaching others to a fraction of what you are spending on this activity today. One of the things we work on is how women can make efficient and effective requests of you AND how you can deliver a “tip or suggestion” and then have it reinforced through the self-coaching process rather than your having to do so.

Affordability. Not only is this program scalable, it is affordable at only $495 per woman. This fits nicely within any training budget.

I think that is about it!

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely believe that there is simply no better choice for fixing that broken rung in your pipeline of professional women AND create a happy, successful workforce to boot.

I rest my case and look forward to chatting with you.


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